Well we are in the throws of Summer but luckily not in Lockdown which ended for us in June.

Lockdown from March 17th brought a sad and abrupt end to the ski season. Although our doors never closed unfortunately guests were not permitted to come. This was a very difficult time for us as it was no fault of ours and no fault of you our visitors. Luckily most people had taken Holiday Insurance out  and they were able to claim on that for anything lost. Insurance is one of those things we all take out to cover us in the case of need but luckily not often used. We were upset when some Insurance Companies tried to say we should be offering full refunds to avoid them having to pay out. We are a business like any other business and we have overheads that still need paying even if the guests do not arrive. I think it’s totally unfair Insurance companies made a big fuss about paying out when it could not have been more clear cut that is was an Insurance Claim without doubt.

Our Summer bookings were cancelled but we did manage to pull some other bookings back only to be cancelled again by the Quarantine period put in place by Boris for people arriving back in the Uk from France. So all in all a quiet Summer business wise.

We have got bookings for the coming Winter and look forward to seeing those of you who have booked in.

We have put a COVID policy in place and as we are the owners can be responsible for our cleaning / disinfecting the chalet etc in-between guests.

You can book your ski holiday having  the confidence that all measures will be taken to keep you are safe as possible.

Summer here in Les Arcs was busy and a trial run to see how the chairlifts and funiculars/gondolas would work in the Winter.

The rise in cases/hospitalisations in our region went up very very slightly but no more deaths. Les Arcs have announced their opening date as the 12th December 2020 and an extended closing date of 30th April.

We are really looking forward to welcoming customers old and new. We can be flexible on whole chalet  bookings i.e. self catered, semi catered or fully catered depending on your requirements.

Please get in touch to discuss