Record levels of snow in Les Arcs, infact in the whole of the Tarentaise Valley. I know we have new snow cannons in Villaroger this year but we really have not needed them due to large amounts of early snow.

The new Pre de Saint Esprit lift in Les Arcs 1950 is great, heated seats and a very fast 8 man chair so means we can ski round from the top of the second lift instead of going up all 3 lifts in Villaroger.

Next season they are replacing Comborciere and making a new piste off it into the Arc 2000 area making Les Arcs 1950 much more efficient for accessing Les Arcs 1600.


Our Off Piste Development week was a great success and the guests had amazing powder. They spent a lot of time skiing the trees in Ste Foy where they had waist deep powder every day. Their technique improved massively and there were lots of stories to tell round the dinner table.

We have not had many sunny days to date but I suppose we can’t have it all ways.

Easter will have great conditions and we still have availability. The girls are looking forward to a couple of weeks off school although they will be revising as both have important exams this year.

Anneha is in her final year of school and finishes her Bacalaureat in June..cannot believe how time has flown. Jonny has taken her out in the car as she can learn to drive now. She still skies with Villaroger Club.

Fifi has skied to Italy couple of times but can take or leave skiing at the minute. It’s more about the lunch with Fifi!!

The menu is going down well and some favourites are the Portugese Tarts, Slow Roasted Asian Infused Belly Pork and the Salmon Filo Parcels.

Hope to see you this season, it’s not too late to book a trip.