We are on  Day 16 of Lockdown here in Villaroger. To be fair we could be locked down in worst places as we are surrounded by beautiful scenery, a forest to walk in and a terrace to sit out on.

I keep thinking back to the last couple of weeks of skiing in Les Arcs and wish we were all still doing it.


The weather has been kind, in fact only 1 day of rain during the last 16 days so we have been out for our hourly walk(exercise)  most days.

We have also been doing Joe Wick’s workouts to keep us motivated and not loose the fitness we gained during the ski season.

We know of cases of the Corona Virus locally and to be honest it’s affected people differently. Some have mild symptoms, some have flu like systems and one friend is currently in hospital on Oxygen with damage to her lungs and liver.

We are all taking Isolation seriously and are flashing our torches every evening at 830pm for Solidarity. Being in a small Alpine Village we cannot hear noise so a couple of flashes from friends across the Valley is good for moral.

We have been doing lots of baking/ cooking and thinking of new recipes for next season. On my Facebook page SKIVILLAROGER I have been posting favourites from this season that guest’s have loved. Please like and share if you want to join me on Facebook.

We have done some great Breads, Chappatis, Brioche etc now we have the time.

Shopping here in the mountains does not sound as stressful as in the UK. The supermarkets are well stocked, offer deliveries within a reasonable time and have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in.

We get fresh eggs from our neighbour in the village weekly.

Our garden is starting to come to life and if we don’t have a big dump of snow my Wysteria should be flowering in the next few weeks.

I thought I would post this recipe for our Tartiflette which is a great dish when you cannot get to the shops as it’s made from Potatoes, Ham and Cheese, all staples of the French Alps that can be kept in the Caves for a long time without perishing.


Peel and Slice potatoes into discs and boil until soft ( Al Dente)

Cut 2 big onions into fine rings and chop 2 big cloves of garlic finely

Fry off with a splash of white wine until it has completely reduced.

Fry of chopped up bacon bits ( LARDONS in France)

Transfer to an oven-proof dish all the above ingredients and mix together and season well with salt and pepper.

Put a layer of Cream Fresh over the top of the potato mix.

Slice into strips a Reblochon Cheese and place all over the top of the Cream Fresh.

Cook in the oven at 180 degrees for around 30/40 mins until golden on top.

Serve with an nice green salad and Charcuterie to make it a TATRIFLETTE ROYAL.

Don’t forget the glass of Crisp White APREMONT wine to go with it (Vin de Savoie)

Bon Appetite