8th Nov 2006

8th Nov 2006

We have just got back from our visit to the UK. It was as mad as ever and sorry to all those people we didn’t get to catch up with.

We were thinking of swopping the Toyota but have decided to keep it as its perfect for out here.We stocked up on all the things you cannot get out here and bought some things for the chalet which are cheaper over in the UK.

We came back via Hull Zeebrugge for a change which worked really well.Normally I fly back with the girls and Jonny takes the car via Dover-Calais but this trip we decided to try the Hull option.
The ferry is a bit more expensive but it saves on the long drive down to Dover for us.

The road at the bottom of the village is being widened this week so it is closed between 8am and 5pm. The only person they open it for is the school bus. I think I will have to be making a cake for them so maybe we can get the same favour. A trip to Ste Foy which is normally 10 mins is now 20 mins as we have to go via the forest road.It will be great when it is finished, especially for the coming season.

We are all stocking up on our wood for the winter.The villagers of Le Loissel get 2 trees given for wood but ubfortunately we have missed out this year as our tax bill went to our address in England instead of here. They will only give you the trees with proof you have a tax bill for a French address. Typical!!!!

We have ordered 8m3 which will be arriving this week.

Our friend Mac, whose wedding we went to, arrives today to give us a hand with last minute jobs on the chalet, oh yes and stacking logs!!!!!He will probably stay on a bit with us as its “silly season” here now, when all the chalet owners start panicking, wanting jobs done for the chalets to be ready beginning of December. Jonny has a large chalet to plaster out and the owners are wanting to be in for xmas!!!!

Val D’Isere and Tignes are due to open at the end of the month, so we will be hoping to head up there on the first day.We are all doing the snow dance at the minute!!!!!!

Before I say bye I would just like to wish my lovely niece Rohan a happy 3rd birthday!