7th Dec 2008

7th Dec 2008

We’ve had 3 days of snow with nearly a metre dropping high up. Conditions for this time of year are said to be the best in years. Everyone is very happy and early bookings are coming in to make the most of it.

We’ve just had 2 days of sunshine and the girls have done lots of sledging, igloo making and ice museums (Anneha’s new thing). Temperatures have been cold but it hasn’t put them off playing out.

Today Jonny skinned up Ste Foy and then skied back down to Ste Foy Village.He said the snow was unbelievable and the Valley looked amazing.  Here are a few pictures from today.



The chalet is just about ready for the first guests to arrive. The Christmas shopping is the next thing to do and order the turkey which I will do this week.The Valley is starting to get busier now, queues in the Supermarkets are something we are not used to normally.

More snow is forecast for the middle of this week so will keep you informed.  Bye for now!!!