4th Nov 2008

4th Nov 2008


 The weather and scenery has changed over the last few weeks, the Valley is starting to go browner and the trees are all different colours. We love this time of year as it means the snow will not be far off.

All the village is busy collecting their wood for the winter.  We have had our allocation of 2 trees from the forest, privilege of living in Le Loissel and Jonny will be going to collect them with the neighbours in the next week or so.  The trees were kindly picked out of a hat by Matthew one of our Summer guests as we were away at the time of choosing, so thanks Matt you did a good job!!!! Hope you enjoyed the glass of vino with the locals!!

Below is a photo of Jonny chopping our logs, Ffi is looking on and obviously thought it was going to be a long job judging by her pose.

The other Photo is of Steve,another Summer guest doing the High Adventure course through the Forest. This is only 5 mins from the chalet and children as young as 6 can take part on a special course as well as older children and adults on the harder one.


 Its been the October holidays for the girls so we have been back to the UK. Tried to catch up with as many people as possible but its always so hectic.  We have always lots of jobs to do as some things do cost less in the UK so we always seem to be busy.

We managed a trip to Diggerland as you can see. The girls loved it and so did Jonny and Boo(the dads), we had a great day out.  Anneha and Fi are in the bucket along with Archie and Harvey!!!

Anneha had her 8th birthday there this year and was spoilt by everyone, thankyou.


 It was Halloween and my mum did a party for all her grandchildren. Happy days!!!!


Whilst we were away we had snow here in France down to 1100m. There was 20cm in Ste Foy.

We have to sort our lift passes out this week so it will mean a trip to the Mairie in Villaroger. They have been replacing the bridge between Le Loissel and Villaroger and its due to re-open this month. Looking forward to that as the girls have had to go via Bonneville to school everyday since September.

Rhian is hopefully coming to visit this week, we are all looking forward to seeing her again.

We are getting organised now. Bookings are still going well, infact Summer bookings have been coming in during the  last month too!!! The Tour de France is coming through this way in July so thats exciting for us all.

Bye for now, will write again soon.