30th Jul 2006

30th Jul 2006


Jonny and Steve managed to do the Mount Blanc Tour except they had to cancel their last day due to the weather. What a disappointment for them as they had really pushed themselves, having done over 45kms some days.

They were advised to stay off the mountains due to a large thunder storm, so we picked them up from Chamonix.They said they had had a fantastic time staying in the huts and meeting other walkers doing the same thing. Its definitely a must to do again next year, and finish, says Jonny!!!!

The photo above shows the route they took following the valley bottom.
I have now had my knee op, which I think has gone well, to remove the pins from my knee that I had put in 9 years ago when I broke my crutiat ligament. Its quite painful at the minute and I am hobbling about but I should be fit again in 3 months time. Lots of swimming/biking for me apparantly.
We have been up to the new Pool on Tignes which is great. Its got slides, a cave and is fabulous for the kids.I think we will be visiting it lots.
We have started the dormer on the chalet so we have more head height in the big front bedroom.Its coming along well and should be finished next week.

Will write again soon.