30th August 2011

30th August 2011

The Fete de Villaroger took place on the 15th August and the weather started off cloudy but by lunchtime it was cracking the flags.

Once again I was helping on the cake stand and baked 36 English choocolate  muffins to sell. A lot of our friends were very generous and baked a cake too to donate to the Fete.

Le Loissel had its annual float, a pirate ship this year and we all took part dressing up for the procession. The confetti fight was a sell out and the Brazilian dancers made the day. Ive enclosed some pics below, the group are friends who were staying in the Chalet.



The girls are back to school on Monday (5th Sept). Anneha starts secondary school and Fi moves to Ste Foy school as Villaroger School has now closed due to only having 5 children going back for the new term. Both girls are excited and looking forward to making new friends.

Jonny is continuing with his IML training, he needs to be reassessed on his Summer IML which we still have not got a date for. He’s put in lots of hard work and is currently studing the local flowers as he has to know them all by heart. All this will hopefully mean when he is fully qualified we can offer catered walking holidays here in the French Alps.

The nights are starting to get cooler now, we still have good weather , with the odd storm on an evening.

We are all looking forward to the coming season, when September arrives we start countdown and make sure we are organised for early bookings in December.  We are sorting the logs and making sure the Chalet is looking good for the start.

Will write again soon !