28th Nov 2006

28th Nov 2006

The new bathrooms are looking good we think and Jonny and I have have had a competition going as to whos bathroom is best. Ive chosen everything for one and he has chosen everything for the other. They are both very different and have made a big difference to the chalet.

My friend Tina is 40 in December and has taken over the whole chalet before xmas to celebrate. There are a few people coming who have never skied before so we are looking forward to seeing them in ski school, and having a few laughs, but obviously not at their expense!!!!!!

Xmas and NY we are looking forward to seeing Kevin’s party and then Sue’s party who are guests who have been before!!!!!It will be great to have you all here again, thankyou.

We had a ski sale in Ste Foy this weekend and Ffion got kitted out for her first season learning to ski. She was very proud of her helmet and insisted in keeping it on most of the day, even to eat her tea!!! Ive enclosed a photo below.

Anneha has lost her first tooth and the next is on its way out!

Michelle at La Ferme is due to open 16th Dec and have seen him passing every day, getting ready for the start of the season.The owner at the Middle restaurant in Villaroger. Le Solliet, has handed it over to someone else to run this season and I hear they are doing crepes as a speciality!!Guess where we will be stopping on the ski back down.

Well we are all getting excited and trying to get fit for the season. Jonny and I are both on the bike when we push ourselves, otherwise we are making the most o watching TV in an evening as another week and there will be no time for that!!!

Look forward to seeing you this winter!!!!