27th May 2007

27th May 2007

We had a good trip back to the Uk and it was great to see all our family, especially our new little nephew who was born in March. We tried to meet up with as many friends as possible, but as ever there were people we didn’t manage to catch up with, so hopefully will do in July. Unfortunately the weather was not too brilliant, it always seems to happen to us when we step off that plane.

The girls are back at school and I have been doing the flowers for the terraces and some gardening. Im trying to sort a patch of garden thats on a slope and very rocky. Its slow going but im hoping it will be worth it in the end.We planted some bushes last October and they are now starting to flower and look lovely.

Everyone in the village is busy planting their vegetables and flowers, and always there to give you advice on whats best to put where. Below is a picture of the village.

I am helping at Annehas school with the swimming lessons twice a week. I thought I was just going to help out with the little ones but have been allocated a group of 8/9yr olds , whos aim this summer is to master front and back crawl.
Its ok but all they want to do is dive in and pick things up from the bottom so its a challenge getting them to do a few lengths of practicing.

We have been down to Plan D’eau with the girls and their bikes. The Lake is now filled up and the cafe open at weekends. Here is a picture from the other day.


I met up with a few friends at the restaurant Chez Marie, the one where you can eat in the garden and then spend the rest of the afternoon in their outdoor pool. Its gorgeous and this is a picture from that afternoon

The Col de Petit St Bernard over into Italy opened yesterday so im sure we will be heading over in the next week or so. Apparantly there is a fabulous food market there once a week so will have to make the trip.

Here is a picture of a stag that we saw at the back of our house the other evening. It had a mate with him but we were not quick enough to catch both of them.

The weather has been beautiful, although we have had 2 big storms early evening for the past 2 nights, which seems to clear the air for the next day.Its been cloudy today and I think it may rain tomorrow , but we do need it for the gardens so one days fine with us.

Anyway will close for now but will write again soon.