27th Dec 2012

27th Dec 2012

Merry Xmas to you all.

We had a great Xmas , very snowy as its Snown on and off for the past 2 weeks. Best start to the Season for 50 years according to some people. As you can see below even the cars got buried this Dec.

Temperatures have remained quite mild although we’ve had wind at Altitude.

Girls got everything they  wanted, main present was to choose a new ski jacket each. They have gone bright this year.

I got some new Timberland boots and Jonny a watch.

Guests have been lovely , Andy and Julie returned along with the Wylies. The girls had a ball that week. My sister came out with her husband and children to learn to ski They did brilliantly and we loved having them all here.

Xmas day was the most relaxing we’ve had in a longtimer. Enjoyed a ski and dinks with friends before dinner with our guests.

Here is a clip from today’s ski in #Villaroger! 


Here are some pics of the guests taken over the past couple of weeks !