27th Dec 2008

27th Dec 2008

Hope you all had a great Xmas and you have an even better NY.

 We have had a lovely time here, the girls got everything they wanted and as well as a chalet full of guests my mum and Tony were here as well. We had the Hilton Family and the Hopkins family in and they all made Xmas a lovely time for us.

 We visited the live nativity as normal on Xmas Eve and Santa came down the mountain on his sledge. Snow was good although we didn’t have any fresh over the Xmas week. The Hiltons went out with Pierre, the guide a couple of times and found some new routes. Unfortunately on the last day of the holiday Kit Hopkins broke a bone in his leg so hope you are doing well Kit.

The turkey was huge this year and we were very lucky to have expert carvers Rob and Matt Hilton in the house who did a great job of carving, thanks boys.We then went on to play games , including Mr and Mrs which Jonny and I lost. 

Ive enclosed some photos from the week.




The Deer was taken from our lounge window Xmas Morning! The skiing photos are in Ste Foy on Xmas Morning too.