26th March 2009

26th March 2009

The season is passing so fast. We’ve been very busy with lots of tops up of snow. We did actually have about 10 days of continuous sunshine, where the temeratures rose to about 17 degrees at 1000m, however its come back cold again in the evenings and the last 2 days have been snowing.

Jonny and I have  just had a lovely morning in Villaroger. The powder was light, on piste as well as off. We were still getting fresh tracks at  11.30 am which just shows how much we have had. 

The photos below show what great coverage we have got, snow right down to the Village and no stones/rocks in sight. This means a great end to the season mid April. Once again late snow is forcast for this Valley!These photos were taken this morning. The lift one is the bottom lift in Villaroger, near la Ferme.



Ive added a photo next off Anneha from her race the other week and a picture of my Girls Ski in Ste Foy 2 weeks ago, it was a beautiful day and great to catch up with everyone as we are all so busy!


  We had the long weekend with The Birks’s and Co, trip over to Italy another highlight. Lots of people we haven’t seen for years have been recently. Our friends Mick and Sally who we did a season in Val D’Isere with 12 years ago recommended us to their friends, who broughts other friends, then we had Mick Matthews from Sutton, Ruth and Hector, who is sister to Anna and Jim who we also worked with in Val. Sam and Mark who lived in Silsden but are now living the dream in France came up for a few days too. So its been great catching up, thankyou all for coming.

The photos below are of Anthony, Shiv, John and Gareth in Italy, first time Shiv has ever been and she skied there, and then the other is Neil and Nigel Howden in Ste Foy , top of the third lift.


   The Whitlams brought us a great curry from England, its one thing we really miss. Even Jonny’s Indian Kofta cannot beat a proper Indian Takeaway. Christine’s suitcase went back much lighter after she had given us all our goodies.

Jonny’s training for the Haute Route is in full swing. All his extra light kit is holding up to the training too, he’s loving his new Movement skis. Only 3 weeks to go and he’s skinning at higher altitude now. 

Still no sign of flowers in Le Loissel as we still have so much snow. Arthur the stag is still making an appearance morning and afternoon except he has lost his antlers now.

Anybody wanting to come for during the Summer, please get in touch as weeks are getting booked up.