25th Oct 2006

25th Oct 2006


Its nearly the end of October, its gone so fast. The kids have been back at school for nearly 2 months and we have been working in the chalet ever since. Things ae coming along nicely though and both bathrooms will be finished I would think in the next week or so.

The weather is still pretty mild and we have had lots of sunshine.We have had a bit of snow up high but not much frost at the moment.Its been great to sit out and not have to get wrapped up, infact we havent packed our summer things away yet!!!That will change though as we are heading back to Uk tomorrow for a short break and no doubt the weather will be cold and grey, especially when we land there.

It was my friend Sue’s 40th birthday party the other week and we went up to the Chalet Alpage at Les Pigettes, owned by Simon and Andrea Farley. It was a great day, we were outside and she had a band playing (Andy Sissons and Co) for those that have seen him, and she had made lots of different curries. The wine was flowing and everyone was up dancing on the mountain side.
Below is a picture of Sue (still standing!!!)

We have got to sort our lift passes out in the next week or so, a reminder that the season is nearly here. We are looking forward to it very much and Jonny is already planning what new skis hes getting this year!!!I cannot decide what to buy, but hopefully will get to try some at the start of the season.

We went to the neighbours the other day for luch. It was really nice and they had made so much food. We must have had about 4 desserts, the girls loved it!!! I’ve added the photo below as I think its really typical of rural french people!!!!Its a neighbour and his aunt I think, Jonny took it whilst we were there!!

Ffion has started wearing a tea towel on her head and saying lets play grandmas, now I realise why!

The new lift in Ste Foy will definitely be opened for this season, its nearly finished.We all love to ski there and this year wil be better with the extra lift. It will be so quick too compared to the other 3, no doubt everyone wil head there.

We are doing some last minute bookings for 19th – 23rd Dec and 7th – 11th Jan if anyone can be tempted. Please contact us if you fancy coming out.

Will close for now as have to be up at 5am in morning to head for the airport. Bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!