25th November 2014

25th November 2014

We are gearing up for the start of the season. We had snow at the end of October which has disappeared in the Village and is just left on the Mountain tops.

We have just revamped one of the ensuite bathrooms in the Chalet. It’s the one with the bath. We have pulled the old bathroom suite out and replaced it and retailed. It looks really nice and think you will be pleased with it when you see it.

Bookings  are coming in and we are looking forward to seeing a lot of you again.

The girls break up the week before Xmas and have started their Xmas lists. Anneha is back at Villaroger Ski Club which we are very pleased about so her requests are all to do with skiing.

Fifi has asked for a food mixer as she is so into her baking.

We’ve been trying out new recipes and have got some good ones on board for this Season.

Lamb shank is still up there and we will still be doing the Belly Pork recipe that so many of you ask for.

We would like to wish you a great Xmas and look forward to seeing you all this season.