24th Otober 2012

24th Otober 2012

We have just celebrated Anneha’s 12th birthday. We went to Park Walibi near Lyon which is a Theme Park, and she took a couple of friends.The girls love it there and drag us adults on all the fast rides.

Its nearly Half Term and we will be heading back to the UK to catch up with family and friends before the Winter starts.

The trees are a gorgeous colour here at the moment. We had some snow about a week ago down to around 1700m but its been quite mild since then. However the temperature is due to drop next week. I keep doing daily tweets so keep an eye on the website.


All the wood is in, always feels good to get that out of the way.

We are just filling in the forms for lift passes, ordering our skis for this year although I am still sticking with my Scott Rosa’s. Jonny likes the look of the Dynastar Cham’s.

Les Arcs and Sainte Foy open on the 15th Dec, Val and Tignes the end of November. Looking forward to getting out there.

Clocks go back this weekend , we are on COUNTDOWN !!!! WHEY!!!!!