24th Jan 2012

24th Jan 2012



We have had the most snow in 50 years according to the locals, infact record amounts. Its just kept coming , topping up on a weekly basis which is just what we need. Conditions are superb and pistes are in the best condition we have ever skied them.

We have only been over to Italy a couple of times this year due to bad weather and heavy snow hampering the opening of the link to La Thuile. However the 2 times we have been have been excellent with the obligatory pizza at our favourite restaurant and hot chocolate at Off Shore and say hello to Roberto.

We skied down from Sainte Foy Station to Sainte Foy Chief Lieu (Le Monal Hotel) the other day, first tracks in powder over our knees it was amazing! There are a couple of photos below.

Snow clearing has been an epic this year and yesterday Jonny actually climbed on the roof to shovel some snow off. With over 2 metres of snow up there, he had to take his saw to cut it off.The girls have been jumping off the roof of the wood store its been that deep, see photos below.

The road is more like a tunnel, but despite it all we have never been snown in, the commune has done an amazing job of keeping the roads ploughed and open. We have been able to ski everyday, looking for the best area, ie tree line, sheltered etc when other Resorts have been totally closed. Thats the nice thing about having a car and skiing different areas, it gives you  the ability to ski whatever the conditions.

We have had a run of lovely guests during the last few weeks, new friends have been made. The Exall boys provided us with lots of laughs, and great days skiing. Our first ever customer we had 7 years ago  in the chalet returned for his 5th time 2 weeks ago, thankyou Kevin again.

All in all having a great season and looking forward to it continuing !