23rd Jul 2006

23rd Jul 2006


We had a great time down in Port Grimaud last week and the weather was very hot. Its a beautiful place and the beaches are gorgeous. The campsite was very busy and so was the beach but it didn’t spoil it. We stayed in a Mobile Home which was small but you are not in them for long, just sleeping really. We caught a boat across to St Tropez to see how the “other half live”!!!I took the picture below because we were so amazed that it had its own helicopter.

Port Grimaud itself is a beautiful little place with all inlets running through it between the houses and restaurants. We ate some gorgeous food along with some good wine, infact the girls are now hooked on “moules marinere”, they had them most nights!!!

We arrived back to good weather too in Le Loissel, infact its being in the 30’s for the past week. On Wednesday I went into hospital to have the pins removed from my knee that I had operated on over 9 years ago. The surgeon said it would be a little op, but I’ve been in agony ever since and need crutches. He said I cannot do much for the next 2-3 weeks!!!!
Work is commencing beginning of Aug to make the chalet fully en-suite. We are looking forward to getting it finished.

We have built another terrace at the back of our house so we can sit in the sun until 9pm now.Its pretty high and has got the view of the mountains all the way round.When my knee is back to normal we will be having the neighbours round to christen it!!!We will be going to “Chez Marie” soon, the restaurant with its own pool. You have lunch in the garden and they have a little pool to use after. Its got a beautiful garden.

Jonny is walking the “Tour de Mont Blanc” this week, or he is as long as my knee is ok.He has been doing plenty of training for it and will be away 5 nights.Its 107km in total and they are camping on the mountain on a night.Frank , the mountain guide from Ste foy has asked if he wants to do the Matterhorn too this summer!!!

Anyway must close as Mick and the lads have just arrived back to the chalet after a day out mountain biking, they take the lifts up from Les Arcs 1600 and were going over to Peisey Nancroix today, so will see how they have gone on. Write again soon.