20th March 2014

20th March 2014

Enjoyed a good couple of days in the UK with Jonny’s mum, and family and friends. 

Les Arcs has been quiet and we haven’t had many queues despite it been French Holidays , which is great.

Enjoyed Col Granier , off the back of Sainte Foy a few times these last week. Also dikann off piste Itinery with friends in Les Arcs. Still loving my Miss Behaves and a few friends have now bought them too.

Still got availability  from now till the end of the season. Easter is late so people are not booking early and preferring to wait and see what the snow is like. 

Our valley is renowned for late snow so give us a call.

Looking forward to seeing some repeat guests coming in next week, they have already asked if sticky toffee pudding is still on the menu!!

We had some Vegans in last month. It was good to have a challenge with the meals and really enjoyed doing some different things.

We had another couple of guests who did the Bassin challenge. Have a quick dip in the Bassin in the village then run to the Hottub. Freezing in the Bassin and then running down barefoot and in  swim gear to the Hottub is certainly a Challenge! 

Will write again soon.