20th July 2011

20th July 2011

The girls have finished school and we have headed off in the caravan down South to explore more of France.

Montpelier is somewhere we have wanted to visit for a while so stopped near there. The city is beautiful with a good vibe. The Grand Travers beach is huge and very clean. Our favourite beach was Espigettes Beach at the Grau de Roi in the Petit Camargue, about 20 mins from Montpelier. Very rugged and generally windy so big waves to play in. We all loved it. Fi and I got to ride the Camargue horses too.

We also visited Carcassonne, an old medieval City. This was an amazing site , very well restored and pretty. That area is fabulous for wine and we managed to find a few new bottles we liked.We visited Narbonne too which once again is a very pretty city.

We hope to head down to the Costa Brava after this so will keep you informed!!!