20th Apr 2007

20th Apr 2007


Well, we’ve had our last guests, and cannot believe where time has gone.

Thankyou to Philip, Derek and boys, Phil,Karen and boys and Sharon, Andrew, Cal and Em who made our last week a fab one.

We skied all over and although temperatures are warm managed to find some good snow by following the sun round and having late lunches.

Philip and Derek did a bit of house hounting whilst they were here, please don’t buy guys as our takings will be seriously hit if you don’t come every season, only joking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew was on his 4th trip this season, he’s nearly part of the chalet now.

All the kids got on great and Anneha loved skiing with you all.

Here a couple of pics of the guests.


We watched a bit of the flying K in Arc 2000. The racers are timed over a kilometre by straight lining a run on the front face in 2000. Its amazing and the record stands at about 267 kilometres per hour. We took this picture to show how the racers look(like something off another planet)

I know everyone has been saying have you still got snow, but this was taken only 2 weeks ago, need I say any more!!!!

Jonny skied off the glacier at the back of the Grand Motte in Tignes the other day. He found great spring snow, although it was a 2hr walk out of the bottom. He is looking forward to doing some touring in the next few weeks.

I met up with some friends in Tignes this week, hi to Geoff and Lorraine and thanks again for lunch. Also it was great to ski with Johnny Bramwell again and his group so thanks Johnny for that.

I had to add this pic of my friends 2 boys, what a handsome pair you are Archie and Harvey!!!

Just like to wish Callum a Happy Birthday for Monday.

The chalet has been cleaned down and we are having a lttle break before heading back to UK on 8th may for a few days.

We are taking summer bookings in the chalet (self catering) but could cook a little if needs be. Please get in touch if anyone fancies a summer break, the whole chalet for as little as £400 for the week.

Also we are now taking bookings for next season,prices will be kept the same as this season for any early bookings. Please try and book early this year as we had to turn people away due to been full, which we do not like doing at all.

Anyway thanks again to everyone who joined us this year and thanks for making it another successful and enjoyable winter. Merci Beaucoup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonny, Kumari, Anneha and Fi xx