19th Sept 2010

19th Sept 2010

July and August passed so quickly and the girls are now back at school and we are getting back into a routine, doing jobs on the Chalet before next season and getting the wood in for the Winter.

The weather is still warm, although we have had a couple of rainy days this week.

In the last 2 weeks of August we had friends and family out so did lots of activities. Jonny and Andrew did Hydro speeding on the river in Bourg St Maurice, which involves going down the rapids holding onto an infaltable float. Great Fun!!

We also did the High adventure Assault course 5 mins from the chalet. It was pretty challenging actually. Children from as young as 3 can go on the smaller bit, ours all loved it. Below are a few pics taken of us all having a lot of laughs.





I’ve put this picture on to show the view from our Chalet the other night. It was  amazing!!


Jonny is currently doing his training to beome a Mountain Leader. He wants to become an International Mountain Leader so he can do guided walks here in France which unless you have that qualification is illegal. He is working very hard and having to know the names of all the Alpine flowers and trees throughout Europe. One of the main things is navigation which you need to practice constantly. Anyway he is enjoying the challenge and will let you know how he goes on in the future.

I’m just uploading some skiing pictures from last seaon to the Off Piste page so have a look , hopefully it will get you thinking about your next skiing holiday, hopefully with us !!!!

The girls have started Karate lessons , and are back to riding again. Ive been lucky enough to ride my neighbour’s horse Passion. Its kept here in the Village during the Summer but will go down the Valley in November for the Winter, its too harsh up here. Its only a youngster but good natured and keen.

Anyway will write again soon. Give us a mail/call if you fancy booking to come and see us and don’t forget to look at our newly added Guestbook, and please add a message if you would like to. Thankyou.