17th Feb 2008

17th Feb 2008


We’ve had more snow, infact its been perfect, couple of days snow and then a few days sun , then snow again and then back to blue skies. Perfect for the guests. Neil, Tom and Paul had a good 3 days and then Ian Munford and family joined us. We had a good days skiing in Villaroger in the powder with no-one around. Im still wating Rosie for the photo of Jonny the Marmott. Philip , Derek and Andrew skied everywhere, as always and we had a good Italian lunch again down at the Copapanna in la Thuile. Jonny had a trip off heliskiing last week and throughly enjoyed it.
Conditions were perfect and they did some good pitches. Here are a few photos from the trip. You can see Jonny on the right of one photo skiing down if you look carefully.


Jonny is still in training for the Haute Route in March and not drinking much……although he did have some vin rouge on his birthday, but that’s fine isn’t it? This picture was taken the other day when he was out touring.

Heather, Martin, Edna, Polly and Millie came next. Must comment on Edna who is 70 but skis like a 20yr old. We were in the snow park going down the boarder cross and she kept up with us all, infact she led most of the way, Amazing!!!!!!!

Sally, Peter, Pat, Clive,Joel, Sam and Lydia joined us and all the kids got on great. Mike and Alex were with us too and Andrew came mid week. The kids skied together and sledged together and are all coming again next year at the same time so thanks for that.Well done to Pat for getting back on skis again , you did really well.
Most spectacular wipeout must go to Joel that week when he came down the Boarder Cross infront of me and catapulted over the wall doing practically a somersault at the other side, very impressive!!!!


Looking forward to seeing some more return guests this next week, Tony Eldon, Paul Highton and Andy Reynard, along with their friends of course. Girls are off school now for 2 weeks so Anneha has got Ski Club most afternoons and Fi will be skiing with us. Will write again soon.