17th Dec 2006

17th Dec 2006

Ste Foy and Paradiski have opened, yesterday in fact!!!!We have snow but the lower slopes are a little patchy at the moment. However we have been skiing in Val and Tignes and the snow there is good for the time of year. We had a great few days with Chris and Nicola, Jack and Hannah, best of both, fresh snow and then blue skies and sun. We even sat outside to have lunch one day.

Jack is the first ever person we have had that has actually climbed in and sat in our water basin in the village.It was after midnight and a few mutzigs, that he decided to strip off in -3 temperatures and take a dip. It was hilarious but no-one was quick enough to get a photo. For those of you who know our village you can imagine it was very BRAVE of him to say the least!!!

We have Harry and co in at the moment for Tina’s 40th!!!We are all having a great time, us included and had a big night out in Val last night. It was snowing up there and so today everyone is skiing in Val.I am at the chalet as Fi has chicken pox, started yesterday so Jonny and I are taking it in turns to look after her.

We are out to the Monal tonight for a meal for Tina’s birthday and meeting up with some others, Andy and family who are coming to us Tuesday.

Ive just spoken to Jonny in Val and its starting to snow again so hopefully the forecast is right and we are in for a dump this week.He says the slopes are good up there today.

The new lift in Ste Foy has made a big difference. We were on it yesterday and its a fast 6 man. The run off the top had near perfect snow on it and there was no-one around, we had it to ourselves.

Anyway will end for now and will put so photos on next time when I get a minute.