15th Nov 2007

15th Nov 2007


We had a good trip back to the UK during the girl’s school holidays although Jonny’s mum was not well during the week so we didn’t get chance to catch
up with as many people as we thought, so apologies for that.

We came back to Le Loissel to cold weather and had to start lighting the fire.Jonny cut up more wood for the winter and just in time too as its snowed in
the village for the first time on Saturday!!!! We had snow high up on the mountains already but none in the Village.
Then Tuesday it started and didn’t stop for 24 hours. We have had loads
and according to the villagers we have not had snow so early for over 10 years!!!

Hopefully this is a sign we are in for another great season.

Here are some photos taken throughout the day yesterday. We were all very
excited , even though you would think we would all be used to it by now!!!!
They are taken in the village.


The commune was as good as ever, the snow plough woke us up at 6am Wednesday morning, the best wake up call ever, sorting the road ready
for the minibus to take the girls to school.

Anneha and Fi would have had their breakfast outside in their pyjamas if we had let them , they were so happy.

We are pleased to say that www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Villaroger.shtml
have added VILLAROGER to their resort pages.

This means by clicking on this link you can check the snow report for the next few days here in Villaroger.

Jonny is still working hard before the beginning of the season and I am sorting laundry, curtains and last minute things ready for our first guests
in December, as well as trying to do the xmas shopping, arghhhhh!!!

Look forward to seeing you all this coming season and will update more often now the snow and soon our guests have arrived.

Bye for now.