11th Mar 2007

11th Mar 2007


Ive just got a free half hour so thought I would write this update, especially as I know Heather will be having a look for her pic on the Web. The Rotheras left us yesterday and we had the Weatherills, Hawkers, Fletch and Nic all back for their second visit this season. Thanks to you all. We enjoyed having you here again and had some lovely days skiing.
The weather was a little mixed with a bit of snow but also sun. The pistes were in good condition and although its still the Paris Holidays, we managed again to avoid any little queues. We all even skied together one morning and here is the picture showing us all over in Vallandry!!!

Hope the knee is feeling better Fletch and hope you did not get charged too much excess baggage Heather with all those marmottes you took home!!!!

Fi is doing well with her skiing, she loves it, well actually she loves the chocolate stop more after. Anneha is really looking after her too, cannot wait until we can actually ski all together for the morning.
Her is a photo taken yesterday in Villaroger.

We have now got the Hansons, Phillips and Jovanavics in, 3rd visit too so its just like old times.Andy and Harry (2nd visit again this year) are back too for a short break so we re in for another great week. Jonny is skiing the Foglietta this morning (South side), so another good day at the office for him, and the rest of the guests are in Ste Foy.Its blue skies and sun.

See you soon!!!!!!